Amy Spreeman

Stand Up for the Truth, weekdays 9 - 10 AM
Pottsville, Pennsylvania
North St. Paul High School. Graduated Journalism School at UW River Falls
First Job:
My cousin and her husband asked if I wanted to earn $70 a week taking care of the baby pigs on their farm in Missouri! It was profitable and fun, but smelly. When I turned 16 I got a real job as a waitress-birthday announcer at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor, which is where I found my broadcast voice.
Family Ties:
My high school sweetheart Bob married me, and we have a son, D.J., and a daughter, Valerie.
Downhill skiing, fishing, getting lost in fantastic stories, playing cribbage, camping, cooking and sampling the cooking.
Guilty Pleasure:
Facebook. I sort of live there as an escape from housework.
Favorite TV shows/Movies:
Mostly news and cooking shows-especially Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Star Trek (the original series) Monk and old movies.
A rescued dog named Bella who thinks she is a cat, looks like a fox and acts like a chicken. She's probably a golden retriever and sheltie mix, so she looks really strange.
Favorite Artist/Song:
I'm in a phase where the cool new music gets shut off in favor of the traditional hymns. (Sorry Q!) I didn't grow up hearing those, so I'm discovering them anew. So many of those powerful old songs are very inspiring.
How did you end up working at the Q?
Well I don't actually "work" here. I do get to show up every morning and serve alongside these talented and lovely new friends I've made at the Q. Actually I'm not quite sure how I ended up here. I think someone may have left the front door open.
Favorite Bible Passage:
And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:7)
My prayer for Q-90:
I pray that every day, through His servants here at the Q, people will hear something about Jesus Christ that inspires them to want Him more and seek His Truth.
If you could add or change one thing to the Green Bay area, what would it be?
Just once, I'd love to see a little more fan enthusiasm around football.
Who did you want to be like when you were growing up?
Seriously, Ted Baxter on the Mary Tyler Moore show. I kid you not! I wanted to be a newscaster who acted dumb and made people laugh.
If you could meet one person past, present or future who would it be and why?
I've always wondered what the real Laura Ingalls, my favorite childhood book heroine, was really like. Did you know that her daughter Rose wrote the Little House books for her mom, and many of the stories and characters were "re-imagined?" I think it would be fun to bring young Laura into the present time and show her what her church and school life would have been like in the 21st century. Poor girl would probably faint with shock.
If you were granted one wish, what would it be and why?
I wish I had been a nicer teenager.
What was the last book you read, and when did you read it?
Wow, I've got five or six of them continually rotating through my Kindle. I don't actually own a Kindle, but I use the program on my laptop and it works just fine. I read a lot of books that we end up talking about on Stand Up For The Truth, and I am honored to interview many of the authors.
If you could ask one question, what would it be, and how would you answer it?
Q: "What was the best thing before sliced bread?" A: Is that the best you could come up with?
If you could spend a whole day with somebody famous, who would it be and why?
Aaron Rodgers. I'd invite him over to our house for some nice Minnesota hot dish, and then get him in some family pictures. Later, I'd Photoshop some Vikings jerseys on all of us-just to tease Mike LeMay!
What's your favorite candy and soda?
Heath bars, hands down! I don't drink a lot of soda, but I do like pop. Make mine a real Coke. With a lime.