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Q90 FM Core Values

1. Share the Gospel with Love & Truth

The gospel is the only way by which we may have eternal life with God. Because of our "default" sinful nature, all are destined to eternal damnation without Christ.

Being perfect and just, God must demand a punishment for all sins. Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, came to take God’s wrath upon Himself so that any who call on His name and believe in Him as our only Savior and Lord is promised eternal life with our Creator God.

According to Jesus, we "must be born again of water and spirit" (John 3:5)—we must become a new creation. This involves:

  • Acknowledging our sin and hopeless nature.
  • Asking God to forgive our sins and repenting "turn away" from them.
  • Confessing with our mouths and believing in our hearts that Jesus is Lord. (Romans 10:9)
  • When we are sincere in this commitment, God begins His great work in us and we begin to 'bear His fruit' in our lives.

Our biblical mission at Q90FM is "Proclaim God’s Good News", via:

  1. Hourly on-air gospel devotional messages.
  2. Effective bible teaching and talk programs.
  3. Online evangelism "SHARE YOU FAITH" resources and social media platforms.
  4. Outreach events like "Fields of Faith", community fairs, high visibility music venues, etc.
  5. In-house discipleship, bible studies, prayer intercession, and events.
  6. Fundraising resources for Christian ministries we partner with.

Join our Q-Force!

Consider joining our volunteer evangelism outreach team, pray for, and financially support our vital ministry with a one-time or monthly tax deductible gift. Call Mike LeMay at 920 494-9010 x 101 or email mike@q90fm.com.

2. Pray for our Listeners & Community

Praying to God is a powerful privilege given to Christians. God—holy, just, and perfect—allows believers through faith in Christ to talk with Him, holding up requests to Him, and seeking His will for our lives. The Bible tells us to hold one another up in prayer and to seek God’s wisdom and will for our lives. We, as Christians, are able to come before the throne of God with confidence that our prayers will be heard and answered according to His perfect knowledge and timing.

Prayer is not seeking "your will" for your life—rather seeking "God's perfect will" for your life. God, in His love and graciousness, wants to hear our burdens and requests. When Jesus said, "Anything you ask for in My Name...", He was not claiming to be a "magic genie". He teaches that when you ask Father God for anything aligned with what Jesus asked for, it would be 'given to you'. Jesus' on-going prayer was that He would walk in the will of His father.

Since 1994, your Q90 FM ministry staff has made every effort to pray daily for listeners and the community. Our hope is that we serve God faithfully, our listeners would be strengthened and blessed, and that the lost would come to the saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Please consider joining our team through prayer, volunteering, and financial support of this important work.

3. Build Strong Christian Families

The family is the primary representative of God's Church. His enemy realizes this and is working non-stop to break up the biblical family unit. Through Q90FM.com's "FAMILY RESOURCES" tools, teaching and music programming, and our Q-munity outreach events and programs, we’re here to equip parents to bring up their children in the ways of the Lord, building strong Christian families.

Your prayers, volunteering, and financial support allow Q90FM to be the source of strength and encouragement. For more information, please call Katie at 920 494-9010 or email katie@q90fm.com.

4. Lead Youth to Hope in Jesus Christ

Youth have never been more connected with social media—yet more disconnected from God. Research shows up to 80% of Christian youth leave their faith behind once they enter college life. Progressive theologies, the murder of 50 million babies through abortion, false evolution theories in the public education system are causing young people to feel unvalued, unloved, and hopeless. Teen suicide, self-harming, substance abuse, and immoral sex are becoming epidemics in our hometowns.

Our HopeNet 360 ministry is addressing this crisis:

  • HopeNet 360 provides on-line real-time spiritual coaches, round-the clock, all confidential.
  • Our weekly HopeNet Radio show discusses real life issues young people deal with pointing them to the hope, love, and truth of God and His Word.
  • We offer QPR Training to help parents, pastors, and youth leaders understand the early signs of depression that lead to suicide or substance abuse.

We need prayer partners, volunteers and financial support to continue this critical work. Learn more, contact Jeff Strommen at jeff@q90fm.com.

5. Partner with Individuals & Organizations Who Share Our Christian Values

Lakeshore Communications, Inc / WORQ celebrates our 32nd anniversary of ministry and we’ve never been more excited about what God wants to do in and through us. Those new to our ministry are often surprised to learn that we are a non-profit. We have no corporate owners; with an all-volunteer board of directors. We are 100% funded by our faithful listeners, ministry and business partners.

We simply cannot do it without God providing through those who share our passion and ministry values. We humbly seek your prayers, volunteer help, and financial support to carry out God's calling.

Foundational Supporters

We seek 25 individuals who are able to gift Q90 FM's ministry at a level of $500/month.

Ongoing Operational Support

Please consider helping with our overall daily operations expenses by gifting a monthly or one-time donation:


Business/Ministry Partnerships

For as little as $195 per month, your organization or business can support the life-changing outreach of Q90FM and receive on-air acknowledgements about your ministry, event, or business message to NE Wisconsin’s most active & loyal Christian radio audience.

Contact Andy "Crash" Connell for details: 920-494-9010 x 110 or crash@q90fm.com.